How to Save Money with

Moving from your flat or house can be expensive and more often than not it will spring up many hidden surprises and traps. Once you have decided on your move, the dates and addresses and everything ready, pay attention to your budget for the move itself. Be prepared to spend a few hundred pounds on the moving expense itself. A typical 3 bedroom flat move to a house or vice versa within a few miles from each other can easily cost £500 and be done in a day or two by the average man and van hire team.

There are ways you can keep that quote from spiralling out of control. is clear on pricing and allow you to fully understand what it is you will be paying for. Typically this is something like

  • The cost of labour to do the shifting
  • Cost of the travel distance based on mileage and/or fuel cost
  • Cost of the van itself
  • Cost of trailer use if required
  • Cost of trailer varies on size and type. Unfortunately Scottish weather is unpredictable so be ready to hire a closed trailer should it rain. This costs more than an average open trailer.
  • The quote will be calculated using the above but will be presented to you as
  • Cost per job or whole move
  • Cost per hour if it’s a small job
  • For awkward moves that may require a few trips with a stop and start set up. Costs will be negotiated on site.

You can’t really expect most removals companies out there to be very specific at times due to the unpredictable nature of moving. It’s easy to underestimate the load from your side or the time required but always agree on what’s to be done in your specific situation. If you have ever moved before you will be wise to do some homework and see what potential hidden charges there could be and ask the man and van hire service about them too.

Also try to save money by setting proper timetables for your move. Also pay attention to your local “moving season” to avoid the more expensive times of the year like the summer months and so on. Try to reuse boxes from other moves or from friends and family as these can really add up and make your move expensive.

A really good way to cut expenses is to do most of the internal work yourself. This means that try and pack everything yourself. Make plans to have space at your new address for easy and quick unloading for the movers. If you can cut their time in anyway at all you save on the costs as well. If possible create a scenario where all boxes are fully packed and just need loading and unloading and your move will be the cheapest it can be. If all fails you can round up a group of friends and family, hire a van yourself and do the move yourself. DIY is the cheapest way to move but always give yourself enough planning and resting time to minimize stress during your move.